1. Have a great time.

2. Any aircraft with a motor larger than a “Speed 300” (44g @2900kv) will need to be approved by the contest director.

3. Aircraft size and max  weight limits.

Airplanes – 16oz AUW

Helicopters -12oz AUW must be 250 size or smaller.

Quads flown line of sight 12oz and must be 250 size or smaller.

Quads and helicopters flown FPV are to be what is considered micro and are limited to an AUW of 300grams/10.58oz.

5. FPV pilots (novice/experienced) may fly FPV ultra-micro or micro aircraft in the designated areas without the need for an spotter or buddy-box system. FPV flight and obstacle course is restricted to a maximum of 8ft. in height. This is to keep the flight pattern above clear for other aircraft.

5.5 Retrieving downed aircraft in the FPV area. The pilot of the downed aircraft must enter the FPV area from the FPV flightline. Before entering the area the pilot must announce an “on the field” request. When this request has been made ALL FPV pilots must land where they are and raise their headsets. Only then can the pilot enter the FPV area. Pilot is to exit thru the FPV flightline and announce all clear after retrieving their aircraft.

6. Anyone entering or exiting the facility must use the revolving door due to the dome’s internal pressure.

7. Separate areas will be designated for “3D” and “Race Track” and “FPV” style flying.

8. All batteries should be charged with extreme caution. A fireproof container of some type is strongly recommended. No batteries are to be left charging during non flying hours.